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Our surgical practice emphasizes premium cataract surgery including PanOptix™ from Alcon (Fort Worth, TX) and the Light Adjustable Lens, MIGS (micro-invasive glaucoma surgery), refractive surgery (LASIK, EpiLASIK, PRK, Visian and Visian Toric ICL), and corneal surgery (DSEK, Cross Linking and Cross LinkingPlus). We emphasize individualized care, patient safety, professionalism, innovation, and advanced technology.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. James S. Lewis

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware Valley, Jenkintown, Abington, Northeast Philadelphia, Fort Washington, Elkins Park, Phoenixville, Conshohocken and Warminster LASIK Patients.
  • James S. Lewis, MD
  • Date of Birth: May 3rd, 1956
  • Certification: American Board of Ophthalmology, 1989
  • Affiliation: Wills Eye Surgical Network
  • Subspecialty: LASIK, Corneal and Glaucoma Surgery
  • Experience: 9000 LASIK procedures since 1998
James S. Lewis, MD

Dr. James Lewis is a graduate of Princeton University and Thomas Jefferson Medical College where he won awards in Ophthalmology and Research. He served as chief resident during his third year at Duke University Eye Center where he was offered a faculty position. Instead he traveled to South Australia for subspecialty training in Corneal and Refractive Surgery. He returned in 1990 and became Director of Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgery at Hahnemann University, in Philadelphia. He also served as Corneal Consultant to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.


I am so grateful for what you’ve done for me. Being able to see has been an amazing gift! I can’t thank you enough for changing my life. PATIENT TESTIMONIAL


Flinders Medical Centre,
Adelaide, South Australia. 1986-1987;
Cornea, External Disease, and Anterior Segment Surgery Fellowship. (Douglas Coster, MD)

Duke University Eye Center,
Durham, North Carolina. 1983-1986; Ophthalmology Residency.

St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center,
San Francisco, California. 1982-1983; Internship.

Jefferson Medical College,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1978-1982; MD.

Princeton University,
Princeton, New Jersey. 1974–1978; AB. Mathematics.

Professional Experience:

Director of Cataract, LASIK and Corneal Surgery
Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Salus University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19141
2005 - Present.

Private Practice Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgery,
Cornea and External Disease, Cataract and Intraocular Lenses,
1990 - Present.

Director of Cornea and External Disease and
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,
Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
1987 - 1990.

Director of Ophthalmic Cornea and External Disease,
Pennsylvania College of Optometry,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
1987 – 1991.

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Thank you so much for a wonderful Surgery. Everyday my wife asks me why I am smiling so much. I tell her it's because my vision is the best it has ever been without glasses or even after the R.K. in 1996. The results are much better then I ever expected and I need no pilocarpine. There has been no pain or discomfort and Dr. Fabriziani says my vision can only get better. You are the best. And thanks to your staff for making me feel comfortable during the surgery. Patient Testimonial